Win at Slots

By - February, 2013

Playing the slot machines can be a fun way to pass some time, and you might even hit it big once in a while. But, as you probably know, the odds are typically with the casino on regular slot machines and with the online versions. Play long enough you will most likely lose some money. That's not really a problem if you limit your losses and you enjoy the games. You'll have your winning days and losing days, hit a nice jackpot from time to time, and generally enjoy yourself, possibly for an average cost that is less than going to a movie and dining out for the evening.

On the other hand, what if you really want to win at slots? Is there a way to put the odds in your favor? Casinos are tough to beat, but it can be done. You can learn how to count cards in blackjack, for example. And there is such a thing as a biased roulette wheel, which allows a possibility of putting the odds in your favor. With slot machines there are three things you can do to increase the chance that you leave with a profit more often.

1. Take Advantage of Special Offers

Casinos will often give out match-play coupons and other forms of free play in order to get you interested in what they have to offer. If you get a $10 match play coupon you will usually have to put $10 of your own in a machine and then the casino will add another $10. Play conservatively, and not for too long, and the odds will often be in your favor.

Watch for other offers or special promotions you can take advantage of. Generally, if they give you much free money (or credits) to play with you can come out ahead if you just meet the requirements (they might require you play for a minimum time period) without playing for too long or betting too much. Online casinos, to introduce you to their games, sometimes give you money without any requirement to match it with your own, so you are ahead from the start.

2. Slot Tournaments

A slot machine tournament is typically arranged so you pay an entry fee and play with credits that are included. You don't win or lose anything on the machine itself, but play against others in the competition to see who can accumulate the most credits. The top two or three players are paid prize money that often equals all the tournament fees paid (casinos just want you have fun while getting used to their machines and playing fast). Generally you have to play fast to have the best odds, so if you see a lot of slower players you will usually have an edge.

3. Leave When You Are Ahead

The temptation to keep playing after you win a few hundred dollars is great. And quitting more often when you are winning does not really change the odds of the game itself, as do the next two methods. But by simply getting up and walking away before you lose back your gains you'll have more winning sessions. One way to do this without stopping the fun too quickly is to set aside a portion of your winnings and then, after you lose the excess, walk away from the machines. If you happen to win more, you can set some of that aside and play with what's left. In this way you have the opportunity to win more while guaranteeing that you'll leave ahead for the day.

Slot machines are fun if you don't get too carried away, and there are ways to win more often. Of course, another alternative, if you want to leave the casino ahead every time, is to become a slot technician and collect a regular paycheck.

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