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What will you get in the Unusual Ways Newsletter? Unusual ways to make and save money, of course. Here are some more specific examples:

Money Info (and entertainment)

There is always a money article or item to start off each newsletter. Here are a couple excerpts to give you an idea:

Human Guinea Pigs

Yes, it's true. Professional human guinea pigs are compensated for medical experiments (and sometimes very well paid). It reminds me of the scene from the movie "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life," in which the father explains to his 50 children that he can't afford to feed them any longer. "It's medical experiments for the lot of you," he announces, and all the children are sad (after singing the infamous "sperm" song).

In real life it isn't so bad according to those that do this for a living. You take a drug and get a check. That sounds easy enough.

Medical, health and psychological research requires a steady supply of humans for testing. Trials and experiments can be for testing of new drugs, new medical devices, or even new psychological therapies. They can also be general research into various diets, exercise routines or...

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Printing Money

How would you like to start printing money to generate more income? There is a legal way to do so, and I am not using the expression metaphorically. I am talking about printing bills that can be used to pay for things you need. The catch? You have to have a business of the right kind.

I first saw this done when I worked at a pizza restaurant...

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Each issue has a couple good "money quotes," like this one:

If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. - Henry Ford

Steve's Unusual History Corner

This department is just a fun look at my various jobs, businesses, and other schemes, from age 8 to 48. Here's an example from the newsletter.

Age 11 to 12 - Candyman

I sold candy in school from a hollow book. (My brother Mike may have been the first to do this.) I bought hard candy and packs of chewing gum by the bag at the grocery store, and sold it by the piece in school for a 100% mark-up. I even sewed pockets on the inside of my jacket, so I could carry a lot more candy around inconspicuously (it was against the school rules, of course).

I cover my futures market speculation, a job serving legal papers, and 50 or 60 other unusual ways I have made money over the years.

This Week's Page Reminder

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Money Saving Tips

Every issue has a money-saving tip, like the following (taken from the newsletter).

Outdoor Gear

Try discount catalogs. Places like Sierra Trading Post sell over-stocked, out-of-season, and discontinued gear and clothing for up to 70% off retail. I regularly buy $80 running shoes for $30, just because they are last year's style.

Carpet Cleaning

Ask carpet cleaners if they'll discount for just doing the "traffic" areas. This means they won't move anything, but just clean the visible areas (that's where the dirt is anyhow). They will charge for the full square footage of the room if you don't ask.

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