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Mural Painting

If I was artistic I think I would particularly like painting murals, because you get to work outside. I happen to have a fanciful page about mural painting on my "ideas" site, called Paintball Pointilism. In any case, I think you'll like this entry in my Working Outside Contest. It is about painting murals, naturally.

By Brad
Alberta, Canada

A friend and I both worked outside painting a wall mural on the side of a car dealers cement building. We were hired by the town and they had a mural project going for most of their buildings in town.

We were supplied with free housing for the two month project (we painted in July and August and were put up in condo's that were empty at the local college)

Mural Painting

We were also supplied with paint, ladders, etc. and were paid $5000. for this completed project. This was a fun project for my friend and I and we also met some other fellow artists that this was there profession and they went around North America painting murals on different buildings.

Neither my friend or I had attempted to paint anything this large but due to the fact of using projectors to blow up your original artwork or drawings it was not all that hard.

A great project for outside work as if the weather turned bad (windy, raining, etc.) you obviously were not able to paint and gave us some great time to explore the community and the lake that it was situated on.

Love the story Brad. It sounds like a lot of fun. Mural painting can apparently pay the bills too.

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