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They say that money talks, and so do I. Here are some questions that I collected from emails that subscribers to the Unusual Ways Newsletter have sent me, along with my responses.

Q: Can you recommend a low cost business that really works?

A: When my wife and I got married in 2001 I was making less than $10,000 per year (and her last job was $1 per hour teaching Spanish in Ecuador). We tried a lot of things, including selling things at flea markets (paid the bills and fun, but no real money). Eventually I discovered this business creating websites and promoting them with articles. Can't say it will work for everyone, but keep trying until you find a job or business that does work for you.

Q: How much should I charge for a room rental?

A: more than fifteen years ago I was getting $75 per week for room in a mobile home, but it always depends on where you are. The best way to determine a fair rate is to watch the newspaper classified ads to see what others are charging for similar rooms. If there are not many ads, you might also ask around to see what people are paying.

Q: I would like to start earning from internet. Every site asks me for money, I don't know anything about where to start. What do you suggest?

A: I think it is best to start by reading everything you can find online and subscribing to free courses. Save your money until you are ready to commit to making a business online, and then buy a few good ebooks to help you out (and if they don't help, ask for a refund). I have a short course on how to use articles to make money on he internet, which of course promotes my ebook on the same subject. You can just get the seven free lessons, and like I said, wait to buy anything until you have learned more. Here is where my course is:


You might even want to set up a free blog at blogger.com just to get some experience online.

Q: You are truly one of the best writers I have found on the Internet. How did you develop such a clear and easy-to-understand style and how can I?

A: I hadn't thought about it much until recently, but my wife is originally from Ecuador, and since my Spanish isn't all that great, I explain everything to her in English. I think this has helped get me into the habit of finding the simplest ways to say things. I also find myself thinking as I write, "would anyone and everyone understand this?"

I don't directly cover writing style in the article-writing book, except to say that your writing will get better the more you do it . You would notice the lower quality of my own writing from a few years ago, but I've written around a thousand articles and at least that many web pages since then.

Other than that, I suppose a style develops as you write, and I haven't analyzed that process enough to say much more. Hope this helps a little.

Q: Which affiliate program has worked best for you?

A: I'm always looking for the right products for my visitors at www.increasebrainpower.com and subscribers to my Brainpower Newsletter. About two years ago I signed up with My Help Hub. No affiliate program of the dozens I've tried has been better. They have many relevant products I can promote (like the "Binaural Beats" brainwave entrainment CDs), the conversion rates are great and it seems that the tracking is the best in the industry. What I appreciate most is that I consistently make money introducing my readers to products and programs they really like.

They have products in several different areas, so there is a chance that whatever site you have you can find something of their's to promote. You can check out their affiliate program here: My Help Hub (and I get a commission if you sell anything for them).

There will be more questions-and-answer pages in the future as I collect more of my emails and responses. Watch for them in the "new pages" section on the homepage.

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