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There are pages full of fascinating ways to make money throuighout this website. But when I have contests for subscribers to the Unusual Ways Newsletter the details will be spelled out here. If you sign up for the newsletter you'll get all the details about any new competitions, and any new pages on interesting or odd ways to make money.

Working Outside - True Stories - Deadline August 31, 2011 (Closed)

The entries for this contest can be found here: Working Outside

The winning entry is here: Baseball Money.

Most Interesting Money Maker Contest Entries - Deadline June 29, 2011 (Closed)

1st Place

Make Money With a Camera - See how one subscriber to my newsletter made hundreds of dollars from a basketball game.

2nd Place (Tie)

Cow Grooming - Making cows look pretty.

A Quick Way to Make Cash - What can you do with $25, a bit of creative thinking, and some get-up-and-go? Find out in this great story.

3rd Place (Tie)

Selling Mortal Kombat Codes - $10 for each sale at ten years old is not bad...

Making Money with a Sandwich Board Sign - Not bad income for a college student.

Other Great Entries...

Make Money in South Africa - Five different ways this writer (or friends) have done it.

There Are Reasons to Quit a Job - Pulling weeds in the Garden from hell.

Make Money with Pay to Click Sites? - Not much, but its an intriguing idea.

Land Contract Sale - Doubling his money was just part of the equation if you read between the lines of this true story.

Child Entrepreneur - A comic book rental business at ten was just the start....

Buy and Sell Furniture and More - How to quickly raise some extra cash.

Selling Football Memorabilia - Big money from a small investment.

Future Contests: If you have your own true stories of interesting ways to make money, I want to hear about them. Send me four or more paragraphs telling your true story about how you made money. When you send an entry you're giving me permission to use it on the website, where it may remain forever - feel free to send your friends to the page. You will officially be a paid writer (paid with one of the following e-books at least). I'll also enter it the next contest if it qualifies - I might have special themes for some contests. So you could win a cash prize as well.

Watch for details of more contests on interesting and fun ways to make money in the Unusual Ways Newsletter. The easiest way to reach me is also to subscribe to the newsletter - the form is to the right - and just reply to any issue I send.

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