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Are These for Real or Scams? - If you check into a money-making opportunity and are told you'll be sent a check, and you have to deposit it and then send some of the money to someone else, it's a scam. In fact, many of the offers you get in your email or see online are scams, or at least as close to illegal as they can get without putting someone in jail... Of course, some opportunites are for real, and some are only a fraud most of the time. Most of the time? Yes, that's not very encouraging, but that's what this article is here for -- to help you sort through some of the possibilities out there, the ones that make a person with healthy skepticism ask... Continue Reading Here: Real or Scam?

How to Make Money Freelance Writing - It used to be that the opportunities for freelance writing were relatively rare. There were only so many magazines that would pay for freelance work, and many writers to compete against. Then the internet came along, and there was suddenly an insatiable need for content to fill all of those websites and blogs. But then there were suddenly millions of new writers, including myself. The result has been that the rate writers get online is generally much lower than in print magazines. But the good news is that there are more ways to make money from writing than ever before, and you don’t have to be a professional writer to... Continue Reading Here: Freelance Writing

Why Have Multiple Streams of Income? - You can probably see the value of having many different streams of money flowing into your life, even if they only add up to what one big income source might bring in. Like a farmer who has more than one source of water for his crops, you are more secure if... Continue Reading Here: Multiple Streams of Income

Did You Know? - In many parts of the country you can rent a bedroom in your home for $125 or more weekly. Just two rooms rented out would mean $13,000 in your pocket every year... Most states allow you to buy and sell a certain number of used cars annually without a dealer license, and you can turn a profit of $1,000 or more on each if you buy smart. From: 101 Weird Ways to Make Money

Why the Focus on Unusual Ways? - There's something appealing about making money in unique and ineteresting ways. It's fun to read about the strange things people do, but it is also fun to be involved in weird jobs, investments and businesses. I enjoyed my recent stint as an electric tram driver for a beach community in Florida. I liked the profits I made earlier in life investing in coins and cars. It was fun to make videos about backpacking a couple years ago (and they still generate a little bit of revenue for me on YouTube). Maybe you're more likely to make a living in conventional ways, but then again, the guy who made more than a million dollars selling the "Pet Rock" is probably happy he didn't start a coffee shop instead.


Weirdest Money Ideas

Odd Ways to Make Money - What myself and others have done to make a buck.

Selling Fame to the Dead - A business plan waiting to be tried...

Human Guinea Pigs - Be a research trial volunteer for cash.

Make Money Finding Things - Odd treasure hunting; diamonds in parking lots...

More Strange Ways to Make Money - Smashing printers and collecting pennies.

Selling Tagua - And fish-scale earrings.

Unusual Money Ideas

More Unusual Money Ideas - Platinum recycling, paper jewelry...

Unusual Jobs

Strange Jobs - Line holder, people pusher and more.

Unusual Jobs - Wrinkle chaser, chicken sexer, odor judger...

Odd Jobs - Submarine cook, shot girl and four more.

I Was a Repo Man - Fun work for the young and adventurous.

Uncommon Businesses

Interesting Businesses - Selling custom fortune cookies, renting rugs and more.

Making Money From Nothing - Read this for some entrepreneurial inspiration.

Make Money From Death - Turn the dead into jewelry?

Start a Worm Farm - A low-investment business.

Start a Referral Service - It is inexpensive to start and can be done from home.

More Unusual Ways to Make Money - Selling used stuffed animals?

Uncommon Business Ideas - Several worth considering.

Different Investments

Making Money with Real Estate - Unusual ways to make money with hilltops?

Residual Income Opportunities - An explanation and examples.

Playing With Money - Be a loan-shark; invest in other people's knowledge.

Buy Real Estate That's not for Sale - Why wait for the sign to be put up?

Loan Money to Make Money - Several ways you may not have considered.

Other Ways to Make Money

Make Money Freelance Writing - There are several different approaches to try.

Ideas in San Francisco - A few of the ways I saw people making money.

Unclaimed Property - How to see if some of it is yours.

A Story About Rack Merchandising - Learn from my mistakes.

An Internet Advertising Secret - Try to scare away some visitors to your website.

Give Things Away - And make money doing so.

A Metal Detecting Secret - It is all about what the water hides...

Make or Save Money - More uncommon and interesting ways.

Can You Make Money in a Casino? - Maybe, if you work at it.

Videos on Weird Ways to Make Money - Alligators, sewers, and sand sculpture.

How Do You Print Your Own Money? - Follow these instructions.

Making Money Using What You Have - You have skills, knowledge and more.

Making Things to Make Money - For those who like working with their hands.

Ways for Kids to Earn Money - There is a good variety of ideas here.

Run Errands for Money - See how its done now.

Revenue Sharing Sites - And other ways to make money online.

Ways to Save Money

Ways to Save Money - All pages on spending less money are indexed here.

Walmart's Ad Match Guarantee - My experience is detailed.

Make and Save Money - Around the house today.

How to Reduce Household Expenses - Not just a list of ways...

Easy Ways to Save Money - Some ideas that might be new to you.

Ways to Spend Less Money - It's a long list and covers many things you regularly buy.

Make a Cheap King Size Bed - How to do it for half what a regular one costs.

Save Money Grocery Shopping - Without using coupons.

Five Tips on How to Save Money - The basics you need to know.

Save Money: Funny Ways - Some of these are real!

Other Money Matters

Notes on Choosing a Business - Questions to ask yourself.

Found Money - What should you do with it.

Are These for Real or Scams? - Several "opportunities" are looked at.

Make Money in a Small Town - Here are some ideas.

Money Secrets - Some things you might not have known.

The Purpose of a Job? - There are many different ones...

Make Money With What You Know - How to make your knowledge pay.

Multiple Streams of Income - Why it makes sense and how to get started.

An Economic Survival Strategy - It isn't about keeping expenditures low...

Survival in an Economic Depression - Staying employed; holding onto a business.

Opportunities During a Recession? - Yes, several good ones are covered.

Best Jobs in a Recession? - Examples, ideas - recently updated.

Ways to Make Money Fast - Several basic strategies.

Money Brainstorming Techniques - Two powerful techniques.

High Prices Equal Opportunity - What paying too much can mean if looked at differently.

How to Have Business Ideas - A technique for brainstorming profitable new ideas.

Beach Jewelry - And other ways to make money at the seashore.

Make Money With a Camera - While watching a basketball game.

A Quick Way to Make Cash - A newsletter subscriber's story.

Reasons to Quit a Job - And a story that inspired this page...

Personal Money Philosophy - What is yours and why does it matter?

Worth a Visit

Treasure Hunting - Fun information: http://www.coloradotreasurehunting.com

The Meaning of Money - Some thoughts: http://www.themeaningofmoney.com

Ways to Make Money - Hundreds of them: http://www.everywaytomakemoney.com

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