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How do you create wealth from home? There are many ways - more than there have ever been before. In fact, I am sitting here in my underwear as I write this, and yes, I do make a good living with these web sites. An internet business may be one of the best ways to make money at home. Here is a short list of some other possibilities.

Invest in Real Estate - All you really need to start is some space on the kitchen table and a willingness to learn. There are free resources online to teach you how to invest - even with no money of your own. In fact, you can use the link here to get a Free Real Estate Investing Course. Or if you like the idea of fixing and flipping houses, go get a course on Flipping Real Estate.

Make a Hobby Into a Business - Think of ways to make your hobbies pay. A friend of mine made a painted plywood cow and put it in his yard. A passerby offered to buy it, so he sold it and made another. Soon he was selling them regularly. Think you can't create much wealth this way? How about paying someone to make them for you, and putting them in all the right stores?

Refinance Your Home - Get money back from your property and invest it elsewhere where you can earn more on your investment than you're paying in interest. It's an interesting method of earning money but if done correctly it can be very profitable.

Become an Expert Investor - More than a few people have created wealth from home by simply investing wisely in stocks. Now it is easier than ever, with all the information you need online. You will have to study well to beat the averages, but it can certainly be done from home.

Be a Copy Writer - Many companies pay big money for advertising copy. Some even pay residual income each time they use your advertising copy. There are several great courses out there that teach you how to write to sell things, and how to find clients.

Create Wealth With Your Home - The tax law now allows you to keep all your profits from the sale of your home tax-free - as long as you lived there for two years. Some enterprising people are moving from one "project" home to another every two years, pocketing as much as $100,000 in tax-free capital gains each time.

Rent Rooms in Your Home - This works especially well if you live in a college town. Even in many small towns you can get $100 per week for a room (all utilities included). If you have a spare bedroom, why not rent it out, and put that $5,000 per year straight into good investments. This is a relatively easy way to create wealth from home. I wrote an ebook on how to rent rooms based on my experience doing this, which is now available free as a website.

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