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Which Are the Best Jobs for the Future?


It may be that the best jobs in the future will not be jobs in the traditional sense, but we’ll return to that idea in a moment. First, lets look at the idea that a job is the important thing. Is it? In what way. We might like to imagine that a good job can pay the bills forever, but job security is a thing of the past - if it ever really existed. Where you find your employment security now is not is a specific position, but in skills that will enable you to quickly replace any job lost or quit.

For example, if you are an actor, you might lose a job every few months - every time a movie or program you’re working on is finished. That’s okay if you are a good actor and know how to promote yourself. Another opportunity is always just around the corner. This has always been the way it works in Hollywood, but more and more it is true in other fields.

Consider how many computer programmers lost their jobs in the "dot com" crash of 2000. Of course, many of these same employees went on to bigger and better things, because they had the skills necessary, and made the contacts that opened up possibilities. Clearly, having the right skills and experience is more important than having a specific position in a specific company.

The best jobs for the future will be those that you will actually enjoy and are prepared for. Get to work on your resume and your skills and your self-marketing know-how. Naturally, you’ll also want to aim for fields that are growing (avoid horse-shoeing and VCR repair). With a decent set of appropriate skills - including those of self-promotion, you will always find work.

But do you really want a job? I certainly don’t, and I haven’t had one in many years now. What I call my job is exactly what I am doing right now: writing off the top of my head as I sit here in my pajamas. My only boss is myself. My days and hours are of my choosing, and I can do my work from a beach in Mexico when I wish. The best jobs for your future, in other words, may be the ones that you create for yourself.

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